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    Remote Working: How To Do, And What To Say?

    Remote Working: How To Do, And What To Say?

    Have you recently Experienced Remote working Style?


    ⚒️ Relax. Homework is a big change. The emotions you experience can range from a sense of loneliness to euphoria. Normal. Be patient during transitions.
    ⚒️ Schedule breaks stretches every hour. (Standing workstations, such as perching your laptop on a bookshelf, are healthy.) Walk while on the phone. A 30-minute email-free lunch Moving about and taking breaks can enhance productivity. When it's nice, I walk and conference call. 
    ⚒️ Time-saving Many bosses worry that their remote workers do laundry and watch Netflix. Many work from home since it's difficult to "leave" work. Before working in an office, I spent years working from home. Inform coworkers and family of your "office" hours.

    ⚒️ Protect your office. Discuss your job hours and standards with your family or roommates. Assume anything that may interrupt you will, like a UPS delivery during a conversation or a puppy barking during a video conference. Avoid such occurrences. Remember the kid who interrupted a BBC interview? My scrawled "Do Not Disturb!" sign is cool.

    ⚒️ White noise machine/app. This decreases workplace noise.
    ⚒️ Ergonomics matters. Use a supportive chair. Buy a headset. Long calls need headphones. I learnt the hard way not to balance a landline phone on my chin and shoulder.



    Overcommunicate. The same advice applies while working remotely, especially in multigenerational teams. My communications consultant, Amanda Schumacher, says, "If you think a colleague would want to know something, share it."

    Learn about your company's remote policy. Your HR department undoubtedly has crisis work regulations, procedures, and expectations. Now read. Klein and Inspire HR.
    Who can reach you? If you manage remote workers, set communication and productivity goals. Tell your team how to reach you now that they can't enter your office or halls. What should they say? None.
    Team up. Morning checks? What's their project? More limits reduce misunderstandings and keep work on track. This is important if your team spans time zones. 
    Define team objectives. With key teammates, communicate, prioritize, and evaluate. Same hours? The same projects and plans? Avoid assuming by answering imprecise questions.
    Record progress. Remote workers must notify coworkers of long-term progress. Daily email for advanced projects.

    call to resolve issues. Email and text communication are weak and might lead to miscommunication. In this case, call to clarify.
    Respond quickly to messages. Remote workers are time-sensitive. If you work from home, a four-hour email response time may seem excessive. Discuss expectations and timeframes with a pushy teammate.
    Informalize If you meet with coworkers before a big meeting, do it before a remote call. I'll IM your admin assistance remotely in the morning. Confirm messages and check in even at home. Follow the same routines and behaviors.
    Remote workers use videoconferencing. Professionalism in dress and background (at least the parts of you that others will see onscreen). Scan for poor lighting or a (most earbuds are fine).

    We may not be able to further imagine how the future will be ... but who knows❓

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