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    If our skin speaks, what would it say ‼❓

    If our skin speaks, what would it say ‼❓
     Because I have a lot of nerve endings, it's natural for me to feel pain when sugaring 🍋💧
    💖 I have sweat glands, so don't be surprised if I'm oily; it's in my nature.
    💖 Cleanse, cleanse, then cleanse me thoroughly but gently. Don't over-exfoliate me.
    💖 I truly hate salicylic acid. Do not use it unless your dermatologist has advised you to.
    💖 For a longer period of time, using a laser to remove my hair is acceptable. But please understand that I will continue to develop it.
    💖 Don't be alarmed if you notice some blood oozing from my skin. As you can see, I have a lot of veins. However, behave cautiously when dealing with me.
    💖 Don't clog my pores with too much moisturizer or makeup. tend to be more organic 🍀

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