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    Electric Toothbrush - Whitening 360°™

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    Electric Toothbrush - Your Hollywood Smile Maker

     360° Toothbrush™ helps you, and your kids have a healthy, clean, and white teeth..

    Benefits 360° Toothbrush™:

    🦷 The unique U-shaped brush head is in-line with the shape of the teeth, with a high-frequency sound wave vibration, can quickly clean the surface and inside of the tooth at the same time, eliminate 99.99% of bacteria inside the oral cavity.
    🦷 Nano blue light whitening: sterilization, whitening and gum massage.
    🦷 The perfect combination of brushing, whitening, and flossing gives the teeth a 360° cleaning effect.
    🦷 The silicone brush head is not allergic and safer to use.
    🦷 The 48000 RPM vibration cleans teeth without dead angles.
    🦷 Four modes (Soft cleaning mode, strong cleaning mode, massage gum mode, and whitening mode).

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